Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tagged and awards buts still no card!!

I've been tagged by show you my 6th photo in my 6th folder. So, here goes. This is my 2 oldest boys a couple of years ago at least, maybe 3. We took a day trip to the Science Museum in Glasgow. This is them up at the top of the tower which is as far as I can remember 150m high. Bit scary if you have vertigo, but I did it too..I couldn't let them go up on their own! The view behind them is of course Glasgow!

Sorry for being slow at posting up awards that have been given to me. Its been a busy week. I am grateful to each one who has thought to pass them on to me. Much appreciated!
Thanks to the talented and very lovely TaraG for this award.

Thanks you to Sharon and Rica , two new blogging friends for this next award. Look forward to working with you Rica!
Finall thanks to Katy for the last award. You are very kind with your comments on my blog. Thank you!

Sorry no card again but there WILL be one tomorrow! Time for the Sugar Bowl again! Can you believe that 2 weeks has passed already?

Judy x


Dawn said...

Have you done your tin yet Judy?
Come along to the crop if you want to make a paper wreath.
Probably not a great date with it being the long weekend for the kiddiewinks.

stardustgemsandribbon said...

What a great picture Judy...and congratulations on all your awards!
Carole x


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