Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sugar Bowl February Project - Tag Card

This month the project at the Sugar Bowl is to make a Tag Card as designed by Tiets. You will find full instructions on how to do this on here.
I decide to go for 'Maggie in the Rain' , which you can find at Funky Kits, and a blue/brown combo for the front of the card. The circles are all cut with my quickutz cookie dies.
You can skip this next bit if you are in a rush!!! *Warning...Long story!!*
I have a frustrating story to tell you about this.. I ordered the set of full circle nesties and full set of oval nesties in October. I did a craft fair and made enough money for me to buy the full sets. I was really pleased about this as it was a few weeks of hard work getting ready for it!
I saw them on an ebay shop based in America at a good price. They did not arrive and did not arrive. I contacted the girl and she said she would send another parcel. I said if the orignal set turned up I would of course return it. I didn't need two sets and I am an honest gal!
Anyway, now still no sets have turned up. It seems a little suss to me. I contacted her again a couple of weeks ago and she has promised a refund but surprise no refund!!
What will I do next??? I notice I am too late to make a dispute about this...But I was hanging on to see if they would arrive and now I am too late. I don't want to just leave a negative feedback as then I have lost nearly a £100. Any advice welcome!! I feel scunnered and I reallly would like some nesties but can't afford to buy them AGAIN!!
*End of story!*
Back to the card...
Prismacolor pencils and Sansador to blend, lots of core'dinations cardstock, punched flowers and a few blue dew drops and twine to finish!
This is what the back looks like....again lots of circles, lots of core'dinations cardstock, more punched flowers, a quickutz swirl, and some dewdrops!
This is a really fun project and makes a card just a little bit different from the norm. Thanks Tiets for the inspiration!
Hope you can all find some time to have a go. Go look at the other 'sweeties' examples and you have a whole month to send in your entry!
Have a great day,
Judy x


mar1ene said...

Wow Judy.. love your tag card, the colours and the image is simply fab!
Big hugs,
Marlene x

Tiets said...

Oo my I really love your tag card! Just soo gorgeous!!
Hugs tiets xx

Nixe07 said...

Wow what a gorgeous card! I love the colours and your fantastic colouring.

weewiccababe said...

did you pay via paypal? can you not still open a dispute on paypal? or email ebay and explain that you were giving her the benefit of the doubt. thats where I got my nesties from - if you sign up for the newsletter you get a 40% off coupon, saving loads! I got great service.


What a lovely tag card Judy, its absolutely fab hunny.

Regarding the nesties, you should still put a claim in did you not pay via paypal? if you did i don't think there is a deadline on claiming is there?

It is so annoying when this happens. Ive had a similar situation myself recently but worse it was someone i knew!! i swapped some stamps and paid via paypal for some stamps and cds. Still not turned emailed her then no reply, then out of the blue last week had an email saying she had found them in her daughers car so would post. That was over a week ago and still no package, and no answers to my emails. It makes you feel very disappointed as like you im very honest. We have to accept i think that not everyone is as honest.

I hope you get your money back Judy as its alot to lose. Would be interested to hear the outcome.

Big hugs Linda x

Rach said...

hi hun, lov your tag card, it is beautiful..
sorry to hear about your nestie story...i think that you can take it up with paypal (if you paid via that way) they will refund your monies. hugs RAchxx

Lilian said...

Love the details on your card! Maggie is just so cute - I really ought to use them but so many stamps so little time. I am sorry to hear of your sad story about the nesties.. I've had some trouble with a previous transaction too so I know how you feel about being scammed :(

Glad to help out your sis anytime! :) You're busy busy busy...take care and have a great day!

Rica said...

I can only re-iterate what Weewiccababe says Judy.
If you paid by Paypal take it to the dispute centre - I did when I didn't receive something and Paypal got me my money back.
Deal with Cut at Home as weewiccababe says you get a 40% off coupon each month and Marcie there puts an amount on that doesn't incur tax.
If I can help any further Judy Email me.
hugs Heather xx
Ooops - nearly forgot to comment on your lovely tag after all that. It's gorgeous and I love the colours and that beautifully colour image.

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

This is gorgeous Judy, I love it. The colour combo is my favourite too. How about if you send an email to Paypal first to explain your situation. Did you pay by credit card through Paypal ? I'm just wondering if Paypal can't help whether your credit card company might ? Personally, I would threaten the seller with Paypal and negative feedback, that might get them moving. I've put in a dispute for mine as I still haven't received my goods and it looks like the place has closed down :o(

Good luck.


Jo x

Michelle said...

This is so cute Judy.....sorry to hear of your Ebay woes...I've been a long time buyer & seller on Ebay, & luckily have never had major problems. But things have gotten worse lately, as Ebay is always changing the rules & now in the cardmaking part of Ebay it seems buyers are being nasty to each other & sellers are blocking buyers..lots of arguing & hurt's too much to deal with so I'm out, lol. Hope you get this resolved, definitely do what the others suggested.....& buy them from Cut at Home from now on!! You can register to receive a 40% off get on a month. It's the only way I can afford them!!

dawnmarieg said...

Your tag card is just gorgeous Judy. Its so frustrating when things like that happen, I don't know how some folks sleep at night!I agree with everyone about going through paypal but would also say it would be worthwhile contacting ebay too as they may have had complaints or similar problems with this seller, they can cancel there account. Really hope you get your money back hun.x

Riet said...

woww Judy what a beautiful card.

hugs Riet.

Dawn said...

Absolutely Stunning Judy.
I adore this card so much layers on it, really like the shape of it.

RE your Nesties it that the company Cut at Home or something?
Can you claim back on your cc at all?
I think it was me that gave you the link too, feel terrible now.
I have never bought from there yet.
Bought mine on

Justine said...

Hi Judy, what a great card!!! I would say the same as the other ladies, definately dispute through PayPal, they must be able to do something for you, people like that can't get away with it!!! Nasty!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Dawn No no no it was not cut at home! it was an e-bay shop! don't want them to get a bad rep. Cut at Home seem to come highly recommended!

All Pink girl said...

Hi Judy ,stunning card ,gorgeous colours and layout xxxxhugs Dawnxxx
if you paid with pay pal you can still claim i had to at christmas plus get on to e-bay thats what they are there for you dont want to loose out babe xxx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Your tag card is gorgeous Judy and I love the design and wonderful colour combination. I am so sorry to hear about your ebay experience.. I really hope someone can help and that you get it sorted hun, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Anki said...

Stunning tag my friend, but I am so upset to read that you have not received the things that you've paid for. I will check with people I know what you should do. So sorry for you! Kramis - Anki

Katy said...

Fab tag card :)


Bev said...

Judy this is fabulous - love the tag card.

hugs Bev x

Chris said...

Stunning tag card Judy, I just love everything about it and it's so clever how the inside is made up of all the circles. Love your splashing Maggie, your colouring is perfection and also love the gorgeous colour scheme. About your nesties, I'm so very sorry to read that this has happened to you. I think you really do have to contact her again and also contact Ebay admin, they really need to do something about this even if you are out of time. I'm pretty sure you can also take it up with Paypal and get a refund that way. Have you tried getting your nesties from I think they're one of the most reasonably priced places in the UK around £16.99 for a single set, they have deals for more than one set, don't charge postage and they arrive within a couple of days. Hopefully at some point you'll be able to get some and I'm crossing everything that you get your money back.

Kathy said...

Oh Judy your tag card is gorgeous!! I love the colors and that image is darling!!
Wow I am so sorry to hear about that ~ it is alot of money and that person should definitely be reported and I am sure Paypal would get your money back! Hope this turns out well for you!!

Tammi said...

Fabulous tag card Judy, so cuuutte! One of my fav SN images. Sorry about the nesties, how frustrating!! Hope it gets resolved somehow. Hugs, Tammi

Deb said...

this is beautiful Judy, I love it, so many gorgeous details! Sorry to hear your ebay troubles, that is rotten, hope you manage to get a refund somehow!


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