Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ebay!!! - SOLD!!

I don't know if any of you remember my e-bay problem I mentioned a few weeks ago. Well, I had ordered the whole set of Circles and Oval Nestabilities in October last year,and they had never arrived. I had thought they had gone for ever.

Guess what turned up this morning?? Yes, of course you can guess....my nesties! Woohooo!

Anyway in the meantime I have been stocking up on the ones I had thought had gone AWOL. I was buying one set at a time because I thought I had lost so much money when the first lot didn't turn up so I didn't want to get stung again.

So, now I have for sale Brand New and unopened the sets below for only £15 each! I will offer free postage and packing to any good home.You can buy the sets alone or all three. I will accept paypal or cheque. Please contact me judylaing@talktalk.net.

1. Large Circles - SOLD
2. Large Ovals - SOLD
3. Large Scalloped Ovals - SOLD

Judy x


Tara said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad they turned up Judy...... eventually! I have all these sets so can't help you out, but I hope you're able to sell them all. All's well that ends well ;o)

Ida / Little said...

I'm glad they finally turned up, too bad they were so late.

I can help you out with the scalloped ovals :) If you will ship to Norway that is :) E-mail me details if you will ship to Norway. My E-mail is: idamelby@gmail.com

Hugs Ida

Erin said...

Hi judy, I have emailed you.
Erin x

Becki and Alan said...

Really pleased they turned up eventually!

There's a little something waiting for you on our blog, if you'd care to pop over and pick it up...




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