Monday, 1 June 2009


Sorry folks I have just not been around the last few days. Life has been busy busy busy!

The wonderful weather has made it really hard to drag myself indoors and when I have managed to create I have been making for a mag deadline. Whoooo hooooo!!

Then to add to my troubles my PC has utterly and completely died so off we were down Pc Woeld looking for a bargain. Anyway I am back online..but I have lost ALL my e-mail addresses.

So to all of you who contact me by e-mail can just drop me a line to say 'Hi' and I will then have your address again. Thanks a bunch!!

I have also lost all my photos of my life and thankfully my best ones are also on facebook and my cards are on my blog! So not such an emergency.

Anyway, mag stuff will be finished tonight and then I hope normal services will resume :)

back soon!


strawberry fields said...

what a nightmare...that's the problem with digital pics
hope you get everything done....look forward to seeing the next lot of cards
fiona xx

sandra said...

I have feeling that the weather made everyone outside.
Sorry to hear you had problems,hope everything is OK now!
Can't wait to see you next work!

Elaine said...

Such a nightmare when PCs go wrong. Glad it wasn't too much of a disaster though. Look forward to seeing more of your awesome work soon!

weewiccababe said...

aw no what a nightmare Judy, hope its all sorted soon and will pop you an email now

Chris said...

Oh dear, computer troubles are rife at the moment, but glad you got sorted and had everything precious saved somewhere. Good luck with your mag project, can't wait to see it. Hugs, Chris x

Tara said...

Sorry you've been struggling Judy and have lost some of your stuff! Hope you get sorted out very soon - I'll email you now with a 'Hi'! xx

Dawn said...

Judy have fun demoing at the new craft shop simply create in Alford June 20th Sugar Nellie day.

I would have come up to see you, but have a Scrapbook crop on at the Papeterie.

Anki said...

Let me know when the mag is out - congratulations on that sweetie! Hope your computer problems will be solved shortly. Kram - Anki

Lilian said...

Hope you get everything sorted out soon. :) I've had longer lapses on my blog so you're good! lol!
Takre care and see ya!

Jules said...

Hi Judy

Sounds like you are having a hectic time at the moment.

A new computer is wonderful but also a nightmare (as in setting everything up and installing all the drivers etc).

I hope you managed to complete your mag stuff and that life calms down a little for you now.

Love Jules xx


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