Monday, 8 March 2010

Mother's Day Give Away - dotcomgiftshop

Have you been struggling for good Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

I have been contacted by the dotcomgiftshop to offer YOU, my readers a wonderful Mother's Day Giveaway!

Now Mother's Day in the UK is fast is only 2 weeks away on Sunday 14th March.

I have 5 sets of gorgeous gift packs to give away, courtesy of the dotcomgiftshop! Now these can either be kept for a treat for yourself or given away to your wonderful Mother's or Mother's in Law!! Now these gift packs only show you a SMALL selection on what gifts are available for Mother's day at the dotcomgiftshop.

So included in this give away is :So what do you have to do to win all these gorgeous goodies?? Well, all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post , telling me about your best Mother's Day Gift that you have given or received and I will pick the best 5 answers to receive one of these fabulous Gift Packs!

You must leave your comment by Midnight (GMT) on the 8th March. I am sorry but this offer is only open to those in the UK.

I am looking forward to hearing all your answers and if you haven't done so before, make sure you go and check out the dotcomgiftshop... it has a wonderful range of gifts and presents for all occasions!

Judy x


Carol Ann said...

Hi Judy the best Mothers day gift I ever got was from my son and daughter who were still at primary school they gave me a hand made card and a beautiful hand written poem they had written all by themselves. The kids are well into there twenties now but I still have it framed hanging pride of place in my craft room it is one gift I will never throw away!

Carol Ann xx

scrappyjacky said...

My best Mothers Day gift was from my 2 daughters about 3 years ago.They had made me an altered clipboard with pics, embellishments,words etc. It's still hanging on the wall now.

Craftypagan said...

Hi Judy! Oooo those gifts are fab, especially love the draws and the hot water bottle! Well I've not been a mum long, but my first mothers day was really special. Firstly just because it was my first mothers day of course-that's pretty special in itself but Ian had also been into my craft room in the week when I'd been out and handmade a card for me from Leo and I also got breakfast in bed and some flowers. Was lovely! In the day we just had a really nice family day out. Hugs, Rowena xxx

Julie said...

Gosh what wonderful gifts these are and how lovely to have the opportunity to enter the competition for them.

All Mother's Days are special as my daughter is such a treasure and she always makes a special effort for me on Mother's Day.

But possibly my most special one was her making me breakfast in bed. A tray all laid with orange juice, scrambled egg on toast, cup of tea and a little vase of flowers! How wonderful to get so early and prepare all this on her own!

It always warms my heart when i think of it.


Lil Sis said...

Hi Judy
Had loads of fabulous Mothers Day gifts over the many years I have been a mum which have all been special but my best ever mothers day gift was a card that my first grandson sent me when he was five months old and he managed to draw some lines on it by himself.
Hugs Beccy

Jenni said...

The best gift I ever had was a night in a hotel and cash for a meal in a restaurant which our fabulous daughter gave me when we had been particularly hard up and hadn't had a holiday for a long time. She also looked after her younger brothers while we were away. It made me cry when I opened the card and saw what she had done.
Jenni x

Zoe xx said...

Wow Judy how fabulous! I think the best mothers day for me was when i was away from home at university. I hadnt seen my mum since christmas, and i arranged a surprise trip to london with her. She had no idea, i phoned her work in secret and asked if i could pick her up in the morning to take her. The smile on her face when she saw i had came down to see her as a surpise was amazing, i then had to take her to the train station and secretly buy the tickets to london, where i took her for lunch in covent garden, then to see The Lion King musical at the theatre followed by Planet Hollywood dinner. She was a VERY spoilt mummy that day, (gotta love the student loans!!!) but being away at university i didnt get to see her much and she was MADE UP! That was my most memorable mothers day :)
Zoe x x


Wow Judy what gorgeous gifts you have been given. The best mothers day gift i received was from my daughter last year, it was breakfast in bed, the coffee was cold and no sugar, and the toast was barely toasted, but the thought was sooooo appreciated. Hugs Linda x

mckinkle said...

Hi Judy, what gorgeous gifts you have to give away. Ive read all of the above memories and can join in with similar events but one particular Mothers Day stands out for me.
Having lost our Mum, my eldest sister was taken into hospital for 'routine' surgery that unexpectedly left her with a life threatening condition. Id been looking forward to having both daughters with me to share this particular Mothers Day as they'd both just left home but instead when they arrived to see me we went to the hospital where we stayed with my sister throughout the day and into the evening.
By the time we left, the day was all but over but at least Id made sure that my sister enjoyed the day and wasnt alone. She is so much older than me and growing up Id always looked up to her as another Mum.
So that is my most memorable Mothers Day!

Keryn x

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Judy, what a fab collection of gifts! :)
This year will be the first year without my mum, but it will still mean the same to me, and she will be in my thoughts as much as ever. Your eclectic prize reminds me of one of the best gifts i gave my mum - hysterics!
Mothers Day was one week earlier than I had planned (eek), so a last minute trolley dash to tesco's was the best I could manage. I said to my OH, grab anything nice in pink and lemon, and we'll shove it in a gift bag. Mum's face was a picture as the bag contained everything from sugared almonds, bubble bath, 2lemons, a feather duster, marigold gloves, scented candles, a cuddly toy and some bug spray! :D

HazelQ said...

I'm not a mom yet but I still remember one of the gifts I game to my mom :) She loves flowers and gardening so one year I thought of giving her tulips so she can plant them in the garden, a "Happy Mothers Day" balloon and a cute card. She was soo happy to receive that gift.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Erika said...

Lovely gifts favourite Mother's day gift....gosh the boys did me tea towels at school one year with hand prints on and a lovely poem plus beautiful handmade cards. Handmade are best!

kirsticoo said...

Oh what a fab giveaway - sorry but I would be keeping that for myself as I never get Mother's Day cards or presents or Valentines or Birthdays for that matter and Christmas..Hmmmf you can forget that!!!! LM(WS)AO....see you tomorrow hun,...xoxo

Tanya Rudd said...

Hi Judy, I am in Canada, so I don't qualify for your fabulous prizes. But I wanted to leave a comment about my best Mother's Day gift. I have to say that being gifted with two wonderful little girls who call me Mommy, is my absolute best Mother's Day gift ever.

Good Luck Ladies, and thank you Judy for being so kind.


Milliesmarvels said...

The best thing I ever received for Mother's day was on my 1st Mother's Day 13 years ago. I got a card from my Hubby as my son was only 2 months old and it read: Mum, Thanks for cleaning my bum :-)
I have the card in a special box and looking at it reminds me of those first few weeks as a new Mum.

craftyb said...

Hi Judy, this is quite a special lil giveaway - thanks for the chance!!

Well unfortunately no personal experience of receiving but plenty of giving...the one that jumps to mind though, was a couple of years ago I entered a competition on our local had to tell your favourite story about your mum and in return you had the chance to win a meal for 6 and a bottle of champagne....and I won!! The story was read out on the radio and my mum, dad, 3 sisters and I toodled along for a fab meal and some champers!! We were all very bubbly because it was a "prize" and had great craic! bx

kaylou said...

hi Judy
wow, a special give away, well even though I have four children, the oldest being 10, I have never had a mothers day present, (shock horror) lol.... but i do always get handmade cards from them, I have quite a a big pile from them now, and thats all that matters, i do like to see how there style and writing changes as they grow up....aaahhhh!
hugs Kaylou xoxo

Kelly said...

Hi Judy!
For mothers day, I usually get some flowers and always a homemade card from my little girl. SHe works so hard on it, bless her.

But the best gift I ever gave my mum was a pair of Neil Diamond tickets to see him in London in 2008. My mum has always been a massive fan of his, and the last time she had the chance to go she took ill so couldnt make it. I've never seen someone so excited!!! I thought she would burst.

Diane said...

Wow fabulous gifts. I think my best Mother's day was a couple of years ago - My mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time and we managed to get all the family together (they are scattered all over the world) for a very special meal as a surprise. The look on her face meant more than all the presents we could have bought her and I am glad to say that she came through the illness ok. Diane x x

jenny said...

Hi Judy,
Great giveaway, yummy gifts!
My best ever Mother's Day gift was the 1st card DS wrote himself :)
He tried really hard with his handwriting :) and wrote me a very heartwarming message x I'll keep it forever x

Jenny xx

Karen said...

Hi Judy, fabulous giveaway.

My mum died 10 years ago and each year since then on Mother's day I buy a small box of Gorgeous Belgian Chocolates (only 6 in the box) which were my mum's favourites, sit down with the photo albums shed a tear or two and feel as if I am enjoying these chocolates and the day with my mum.
Karen x

Jude said...

Hi Judy, March is a lovely month for me - it's my birthday on the 6th, our wedding anniversary on the 7th, Harry's birthday on the 10th and Mother's Day is usually soon after (or in the case of my 30th, on my birthday!) It would be easy for Mother's Day to get bypassed but it never has. Paul and the kids always make it special - this will be my 11th and I've loved every drawing, card and gift they've given me. This year Harry is having 10 friends over for a Race Car party - not much of a relaxing Mother's Day?!? Maybe not...but I wouldn't have it any other way, he's so excited and I can't wait!! Have a lovely Mother's Day whatever you do. xx

tina said...

"Mothers Day" your not my mother my partner always says when its mentioned thankfully I have two loving children who believe in it. My daughter took my son and had some photos done they take pride and place all over the house and she also decorated the CD sleeve and gave it to me so I have them to keep forever & along with a hand made card from my son

Shazza said...

the best Mother's Day gift for me has to be a cup of tea brought to me in bed- it doesn't happen any other time

Suzanne said...

Wow what gorgeous goodies, my best ever Mothers day was the one when I found out I was pregnant with my only child (the best present I have ever received a positive pregnancy test). He is now 27 and has been a treasure all his life and never forgets mother's day bless!!! I think I was so excited that day he sensed it in the womb. Sue :o)

CraftyC said...

What a gorgeous selection of goodies. I would love to be in with a chance. My most memorable and favourite Mothers Day was when my eldest, Jessica was at nursery and on collecting her, she gave me a daffodil and matching handmade card. The Daff was made from tissue paper and I still have it tucked away somewhere. Bought a tear to my eye that did!

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Wow, these are some yummy goodies Judy. Just love those drawers.

It's not hard for me to think of the best Mother's Day present I have ever received. It's Mother's Day everyday for me when I see my two beautiful little girls, the smiles on their faces, the love in their eyes and when they tell me each day how much they love me. They make every single day special for me. Ok, they have their moments when they are monkeys, stroppy and sulky but hey, we always have the making up cuddle and kisses to look forward to !

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family by my side.

Wishing you a happy and safe trip Judy.

With love and hugs and hoping you have the best Mother's Day too with your little boys and family.

Jo xxx

Sonja Bekker said...

Hi Judy,

mine`s was
having a mom to give lovely things and being a mom thats enough;)



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