Monday, 22 November 2010

Craft Fair

Morning folks!

Sorry to be so quiet last week. I suspect like many of you life is stepping up a notch with things to do! I was busy prepping for a Christmas Fayre at a friend's playgroup. It was lots of fun putting it all together.

I have a few piccies of the table to show you. Some of us were having a little chat over on the Sugar Nellie Facebook page about what people like to buy at craft fairs...and the consenus was confirmed by what sold on my table! I sold quite a few sets of Christmas tags, notebooks and my CAS cards! I only sold 1 of my stamped, coloured and embellished cards!! Not appreciated by the general public :)

Anyway I would love to hear from those of you who do craft fairs and let me know what is popular on your stall!

I am hoping to be at another one in Dunecht this Saturday...busy busy busy!

i hope to be back real soon with a card!

Judy x


Danielle Daws said...

It stuns me that gorgeous cards like yours aren't snapped up! I sell some cards at a local gift store and the CAS ones are the most popular. The plainer the better it seems!

LorraineM said...

Table looks really good. Love the personalised boxes. x

Erika said...

Your stall looks stunning Judy.
Wow, well done. x I love it all.

Kirsti said...

Your table looks fab Judy and yes you are right I have also come to the conclusion that the general public do not appreciate the work gone into creating something beautiful and most of them just want something for next to nothing which as a crafter isn't very fulfilling....hope you have a successful time at Dunnecht....x

Jane said...

Wow Judy it looks fab! I have never done a craft fair before...thinking about it tho your table looks beautiful!
It's only us crafters that appreciate the amount of work that goes into the stamped and coloured cards :0(

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Judy, very interesting, your table looks laden with beautiful creations, I'm surprised you weren't cleaned out compltetely:)
So generally, you would say that CAS was a success, well I suppose that's good news in a way. Thanks for sharing although I don't sell at fairs it's nice to know what's going on out there, good luck with your next one :0) xx

Denise and Louise said...

Hi Judy

Have been doing craft fairs for about 5 years now and in the beginning cards sold well but over the last few years I have found the same as you, people don't seem to want a OOAK card - they seem to prefer to spend their money on something produced by the thousands!! Strange?? Like you, I now try to sell on etsy and folksy - less hassle. Anyway, keep up the gorgeous work, us other crafters appreciate it.

Denise xx

craftymum said...

Some people don't know a good thing when it is staring them in the face!They missed out on your stunning cards. Glad your other items went well though
sarah x

Debbie said...

mmmm...very interesting. I'm doing a craft fair in December, not sure what i'll be taking yet...beautiful work Judy, your table is set out lovely

Hugs Debbie xx

Merry said...

What a beautiful table display you had. Love the card holders you have each corner.....are they purposely for that or are they meant to hold something else? I too am totally surprised you weren't cleaned out your work is beautiful.

Paula said...

Not surprised you were busy by the array of goodies on display. Interesting about Jo Public's response......... all the best with the next one too. Don't have much experience as yet but I wonder if there is something about the trouble of posting an embellished item, just a thought.
Paula (PEP)

Wrightboysmum said...

It all looks great and I'm glad it went well. It's funny what sells and what doesn't in the end. Good luck for next week.

sandra said...

Your stand looks brilliant!!!
I would definitely buy everything on it!lol.

We here don't have any craft fairs at all.But I was selling my cards in one gift store and it was the same,simple cards were better selling than concrete ones.
(Don't get it)?lol.
Take a breath...sit a bit!!!lol.

Julie said...

Hi Judy, your table looks fab, gorgeous items, beautifully displayed. It's very interesting to hear what sold.

I've come to the conclusion that you have to make cards because you enjoy doing it not because you want to sell them. I usually end up giving a lot of mine away because I would rather give them away than sell them cheaply. We had a fundraising crafts and bake sale at church recently. I only displayed Christmas cards although I had other cards there. Lot's of people admired but not many people bought. Though I have to say the few that did buy spent lots :)

Anki said...

Stunning Judy! I'm surprised that you did not sell more cards - but I guess people don't realize the hours of work behind them. Good luck on your next one. KRamis - Anki

Sue said...

Hi Judy
wow gorgeous creations on your table, so much hard work, i no i use to do them years agao with cross stitch work, peeps want to buy them so cheap, i never use to get back time n effort involved.sue,x

~ Ali ~ said...

Wow its fab. I've got 2 one on the 12 DEc and the other on the 19th yes only a week apart and I'm away until the 10th roflol I don't do things by half eh. I've made post it note holders, corner bookmarks, and still to make normal bookmarks too. will let you know what sells. The CAS will ....they always do although some of the younger mums are now liking the busy cards so will add a few to the stash. Fingers crossed.

I love the snow :D do the boys love making snowmen. We don't get snow very often as we are on the island :( Okay better move...stay warm. Hugs Ali x

BojaMoja said...

Hi, Judy :)

Greate stand! And your cards are stunning!!

Please tell me, where I can buy cardstock card holder? I love it :)

Scrappy Mom said...

Can you tell me where you purchased the rack that your cards are displayed in?


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