Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WOYWD - A late Entry!

I posting this late...well maybe it is in the hope that not many people will see it :)

Now you can truly see my desk the way it usually is!

I sooooooooooooo would love a craft room! This is our dining-room :( Well, I kid myself if I had a room I would be ever so neat and ever so organised.

You might not believe me but I truly swear the rest of my house is immaculate. I can't abide mess and dirt! I clean my bathrooms every day (almost!) , hoover like I have OCD and am polishing my windows like Billy-oh since I bought my new e-cloths from Lakeland ( Get them...they are fab!!).

So why oh why is my craft desk like this???

On one chair is my light tent, pencils are copics are strewn around, some half-finished projects, and lots of papers. I really NEED some time to tidy!

I even have 'Stuff' on every chair! And I have only taken a photo of one. So now you can all say ' At least I am not as messy as her!'

So I have given myself the challenge of next week to show you a clean, tidy and organised desk. Now you can hold me accountable!

OK off to bed! I'm pooped!

Judy x


Kirsti said...

Lol...that's EXACTLY what my desks look like just now...think that's why I gave up in disgust and went to bed.!!! There's always tomorrow! Night night... X

sandra said...

You made me laugh!!!
NO your desk is not messiest!lol.
I craft on kitchen table and when I'm done I must put all stash in boxes.But when I'm working you can't step into

You have great toys to play with!lol.
Take care!

Tracy Hawkins said...

Hi Judy
I love your messy desk!
It makes me feel so much better
because it looks just like mine!
now i dont feel so bad that my dining room dosnt look like a dining room either!
great cards

best wishes tracy hawkins

kristie said...

oh sweetie, this is so NOT messy!!
But just in case you dont beleive me, just remember,,,,,,,,,
creativity is a messy business, and you are simply,,,,VERY CREATIVE!!

Pat said...

I have to confess, my desk is about the same and i am also using a dining table but in my bedroom. We recently bought a new dining table so i put the old one in my room and i can rarely see what i am doing, so you are not alone! ;-)
Hugs xx

Kristin said...

Love your mess! :D

Sharon Keanly said...

So pleased I'm not the only one that was using a diningroom table... lol I have progressed to buying a craft table and this is in my bedroom, which is a rather large room... I need to post another pic on my blog... certainly not a mess dear, *creative chaos* is more hugs Sharon

Erika said...

Judy my whole room is like that and I can't find anything...the only beauty being I can shut the door and walk away...not really a good thing. I started tidying last night and gave up after finding my desk....!

~ Ali ~ said...

PML I'm the same next week I'll show my desk lol whats shamefull is its in my livingroom. The rest of my house it immaculate, yes i too have OCD well i really suffer from 3 ocds cleaning, crafting & chocolate :D I couldn't live without my Lakeland cloth had it for years and it's still going strong. I have the pink one too for dusting lurvs it. Hugs Ali x

karen said...

It's not really messy, it is just creative! At least you don't have to share your space with your husband! I am but I am slowly working away at pushing him out of the room, ha ha! And then my space will look more like yours when I don't have to "leave a little space" for him!

The Reid Family said...

I'm impressed that the rest of your house is clean and tidy with three boys running around!

Dorcas said...

You just have a lot going on Judy and thats exciting! have you ever visited people's homes that were so spotless you had nothing to look at? Well, if you asked me to sit down in your dining room, I could be busy for hours! lol I would feel right at home. :-)
I did notice tha your floor is spotless.....see, my method is to throw everything I don't need on the floor which keeps my table one ever asks to see photos of our FLOORS on WOYWW!!

Nicks said...

thats how a desk should be, thanks for sharing x

Diane Duda said...

well, that looks familiar. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'd like to come and play in your dining room - I'd be busy all day long. Who uses dining rooms nowadays - not my grandchildren, they eat in front of the TV, although they might be lured into a dining room like yours:)Elizabeth #98

Paula said...

Aha - that's where you keep the Sansodor - just remember not to sit down. Besides which chairs aren't made for sitting on are they??? Beakers are so useful - I've stolen all the plastic ones from the kitchen & my lovely husband now saves me his vitamin tablet containers so I can use them.........
Love this Judy - bet you know where everything is though!
Paula (PEP)

KanataNewf said...

A messy space is a creative space! At least that's what I say! Love it!

Sheena #134

akilli melek said...

made me smile when you admitted that all the chairs have stash on them too. lovely messy space. caroline #16

Paula Gale said...

i find it quite disheartening when i spread myself everywhere - i can make a mess really quickly and easily - its the putting away and straightening up thats the hard part but really rewarding...

i hope your dream of having your own craftroom comes true one day... maybe you could get a caravan on the front of your house just for crafting. that would be good???

good luck.

Paula x xx

Morti said...

I think this is where my mum would say "be sure your sins will find you out". See - 130 on the list, and you have 20 comments....... heheheeh Fab work!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Judy, it's amazing how some of us can get messy crafty desks but the remainder of our home has to be spotless. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)


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