Friday, 28 January 2011

Tutorial - Colouring on Kraft paper with Prismacolor pencils

aHi Guys,

I thought for my Quixotic Paperie post today I would show you a simple tutorial on colouring on Kraft paper with prismacolor pencils.

Now be gentle with me.......this is my first time doing a  colouring tutorial on my blog! I also feel that it might be improved by doing a video rather than a series of pictures but bear with me and I might get brave enough to do that one day!!

So I used as my image the 'Little Dreamer' from The Greeting Farm available from Quixotic Paperie.

You can now get your Kraft cardstcok from Quixotic Paperie. It is available here.

Now colouring with pencils on Kraft gives a very vibrant colour and leaves a soft effect almost like using pastels. I rarely use Mineral Spirits for blending when working on Kraft. Instead I use my lightest pencil to do the blending work for me. I will explain as I go along!
 Step 1:
Stamp your image onto Kraft paper/card stock.  I like to begin with colouring with my lightest colour pencil. That is simply my preference. I feel that more colour can always be added....but it is much harder to take it away!  I am risk I start with the colour that is least likely to go wrong! So for this image I started with 'Beige' and coloured where I thought the highlights in her hair would land. In this instance I chose my light source to be coming directly at the back of her hair...not from the side. Don't forget to add little highlights with the 'Beige' on her pig tails!
 Step 2:
I took the darkest brown colour for her hair 'Dark Umber' and then added where the deepest shadows would fall on her hair
 Step 3:
To blend the darkest and lightest browns I took a middle shade of brown to blend them both together. I used 'Light Umber'. I blended with linear strokes (rather than circular) to give the hair some texture.  I did not want it to appear totally smooth.
 Step 4:
Finally for the last step in colouring the hair I took the 'Black' pencil and added a small amount to the very darkest places of her hair, for example, the parting of her hair and where the pigtails begin.
 Step 5:
I wanted to give her some ground to sit on so I used 3 shades of 'Cool Grey' to achieve this. I started with the lightest 'Cool Grey'. I then added a smaller amount of 'Cool Grey 70%', then finally just under her bottom where she is sitting I added the darkest shade of  'Cool Grey 90%'.

 Step 6:
  We are now going to add the reds for the strawberry and her hair bow and her skirt. I picked out 3 shades again to work with ; Blush Pink, Scarlet Lake, Tuscan Red (shown in the corner of the photo).  Add your pink  (lightest shade) first to the areas that would be lightest, the centre of the strawberry, the tips of the hair bows and the sections of her skirt. Then add the Scarlet Lake and finally the Tuscan Red to the deepest shadows. Blend them all togther with your lightest shade: Blush Pink. Go back and add more shadows to the darkest areas if you feel it is necessary.

Step 7: Finally colour the reamining areas of the image with your 3 brown shades that we used for the hair : Beige, Light Umber and Dark Umber. Start with the lighest colour and add to the centre of the rucksack, then add the Dark Umber to the edges of the rucksack and finally blend them all together with your mid brown colour.

Thank you for bearing with me so far. I appreciate this is a lot of text to read. I hope the photos show clearly how I acheived each step of the image. If you have any questions please ask and I will attempt to answer them.

I ahve not had the time to make this image into a card...but as they say 'It will be coming to a blog near you soon!'

Thanks for your visit today!
Judy x


kath said...

great tutorial judy and gorgeous effect on kraft card...hugs kath xxx

Kirsti said... make it look so easy.. Kirsti. X

Samantha said...

Wow thats lovely! If you had not mentioned that it was your first tutorial I wouldn't have noticed!
I usually colour in Copics and Promarkers, but this makes me want to pick up my pencils again!
Samantha x

Linda w said...

Fantastic Tutorial, and love finished effect. Just about to have my first 'go' at colouring on Kraft, so very grateful to see this. Hug slin

Anonymous said...

Brilliant tutorial. Will def be giving it a shot. Also just wanted to say thanks for info you emailed me about blending solution.

Claire xx

Juls said...

thanks for the tutorial!! This is FAB!!!! I so NEED Prisma pencils!!! Hugs Juls

Dorcas said...

Beautiful job! Excellent tutorial Judy! This will help tons of people, thanks for doing it and look forward to more. :-)

Suzie Q said...

Hi Judy,
i am a real fan of kraft and appreciate it so much you taking the time to do this tut it is amazing fantastic work x
Suzie Qx

Stempeltiger said...

Many thanks for this gorgeous tutorial!
Wishing you a happy weekend.
Hugs from Germany

Paula said...

I was hanging on eery word - an absolute joy & it helped me so much about shading in general. It makes so much sense not to blend with Sansodor but it never occurred to me to use the lightest as the blending medium. I just love the texture & shine you achieved & I actually love the way you've done it step by step as I found I could take my time reading & looking at the example carefully as I read. I'd have had no idea this was your first tutorial but for your saying so.
Have a lovely weekend.
Paula (PEP)

ChickieChirps said...

This is a great tutorial Judy! Thanks for sharing! I have to get myself some of those Prismacolor pencils!


Kat said...

Great tutorial Judy, really clear. Prisma pencils on Kraft look beautiful. Thanks for showing how to colour on Kraft.

Kat xx

Mary J said...

Great tutorial - I hope mine is as good as yours!!!

Renkata said...

well my visit today at your blog is simply joyful.
Such a great tutorial.
Now I want to buy prisma's :)

Lilian said...

Beautiful tutorial! :)

Linda w said...

I've left something for you on my blog Hugs lin

Danielle Daws said...

Brilliant!! Hair is the part I struggle with the most, so I'm very appreciative of your tips! Thankyou!

Simply Create said...

Fab as usual, great tutorial and well.....I don't need to say anymore you must be fed up hearing me now!

Caroljenks said...

Judy this is amazing - Thank you so much for sharing with us :)

Carol x

SaggiSoo said...

Hi Judy

I have been waiting for you to do one of these and it's brilliant! I love stamping but I also love Prismas and it's great to find a blog like yours to get inspiration from and advice on the colouring.

Your image is absolutely gorgeous.

Would love to see more of these... time permitting of course!

Sue x

Sarita said...

Thank you so much Judith for sharing your talent for Prismas with us. Having just bought mine, I'm still in my infancy with them. Your tutorial is just what I needed. Would love to see a video tutorial as well!! Great that you use the pencils to do the blending,
The overall effect is stunning,
Love Sarita xx

Dena said...

I'm off to try this today! Thank you so much for such an amazing tutorial. I know you did it a while back, but I am just getting around to trying it out. haha! It looks so fun!
Hugs, Dena

Anne said...

Your colouring are absolutely stunning,- the effect is so beautiful!

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I haven't tried the Prisma pencils yet, but will soon, and this is very helpful :-)


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