Friday, 12 August 2011

Foto Friday!

Hee hee ...can't get rid of me today!!

Now I LOVE taking photos almost as much as I love creating!! I think taking pictures is very creative too and I love composing photos but I have a LONG way to go and MUCH to learn!

So I saw over on Lori Boyd's blog that she has started a new feature called Foto Friday. All you have to do is go hop on over to her blog and link a  photo...simple as that!

I choose this photo because I love little children's sweet and unblemished...a bit like them really!  I also love Jude's little ankle bracelets. He got them last year when we were in the Phillipines visiting my sister and they have not come off since :) Reminds me of that fabulous experience we all had.

Chat to you soon!


LORi said...

Ohhh Judy...I LOVE your "foto"! It's perfect! Jude's toes are SUPER sweet! I is creative! I loved your words and getting to know you a little more! So happy you linked!! Big hugs -LORi

Kirsti said...

Oh these are soo his little ankle bracelets too...

I took a supper photo today as well so that might just appear if I time before bedtime (depending how much Pimms I have drunk before then tho)!!

Kirsti xxx

Sandra said...

They are just amazing:) Sandra H

Paula (PEP) said...

Now this is terribly naughty - but it is honestly what sprang into my head when I saw this "What clean nails?"
Super long toes & you're right about the sense of innocence; lovely idea for a photo too.
Paula (PEP)

mary13 said...

Hi judy

would love to come to your classes. Where and when!!

mary mcgregor

Sew Sweet said...

wow Judy, is there anything your not amazing at? Even taking foto's of cute little feet hehe wonderful precious foto
emma x


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