Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Year...New Direction

rachel cross legged

I feel like I am starting a new blog but I am at the advantage of having a few followers in tow already!

Since the end of last year I have felt the strong need to change a lot of what I was doing and how I was spending my time. I felt God was speaking to me and challenging me about lots of things. I was spending a lot of my time card making and crafting and to be honest it was bringing no pleasure to me anymore and as a business I was not making anything much at all. The hours of creating were not a worthwhile sacrifice in terms of quality time with my family and husband.

So after I completed all my orders for Christmas I shut shop! This was a big thing to do. But on a hindsight a good one.

I have been praying for guidance for the future. My life is entering a new phase with all the boys now  at school. I feel comfortable and very much at home taking care of them and running the house and  I love extra few hours I have in the day to get all the jobs done.  I also now have time to read my Bible and pray every day which was a struggle and a real challenge to do before. In addition I love having the time to serve in my local church.

Anyway this is leading up to tell you about a passion I have had for may years now and that is photography. I am delighted to be able to have time to learn the craft of photography.  I am seeking God's will for the future and where it may lead but for now it is a wonderful learning curve and fulfilling the creative side of me!

Here are a few shots I would like to share that I took on Tuesday while I met my sister at Lossiemouth beach. About a half way between us both . A wonderful place for the kids to run wild and for me to practice !


I will not be offended if you 'unfollow' as I will not be making and sharing cards but mainly a bit of family life and photography. 

The first photo is of my beautiful sister Rachel, the second of her boy and  my nephew, Ben and the third is of my youngest Peter...who I rarely catch for a photo. He always pulls a silly face or runs away from me!

I would love to hear from you and answer any comments or questions!

Judy x


~ Ali ~ said...

It is so good to see you posting....I'm glad all is ok i did want to email but just didn't want you thinking i was being nosey :O)

We all have a path in life and sometimes we get distracted.....but that can be a good thing as we then learn what we truly want!

I'm so glad you have found what you love and that can be clearly seen from the results amazing pictures.

What a beautiful family you and your sister are so alike :O) and bless Peter fab pictures.

I will still be following as it you i follow and not your cards :O)

looking forward to your next post


Ali x

Elaine said...

Hi Judy! Nice to see you in blogland :)

I certainly shan't be unfollowing you just because you've stopped making cards! If there's no fun in it anymore then why do it? It's a 'hobby' and the whole point of a hobby is for enjoyment.
I love looking at your photo's...hubby's passion is photography but landscapes only, and his favourite location is the highlands :)

I'm a terrible blogger, I average one card a fortnight! I love making cards, but between working long hours and family life I just don't have much spare time. Someone once told me that "I would never be anyone unless I wrote something on my blog each day" well I really used to beat myself up over this, worrying because I just can't do a daily post, to the point where I was closing my blog down.

Now, I realise that I can only do what I can do. I love making cards and I love blogging but it is a hobby and not my whole life!

Take care Judy...and be happy in all you do!

Hugs Elaine xxx

Kirsti said...

Yayyy...fab to see you back blogging again honey...looking forward to catching up with all your photos and your new onwards and upwards approach to life...

Hope you have lots of fun along the way!!

love ya!
Kirsti xx

Kat said...

Nice to see you again Judy. These are stunning photos of your sister and nephew and your son. Even if you aren't making cards you'll still be creative and I wouldn't think of stopping following you. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and I'd like to wish you all the best in your new direction and much success.

Kat xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Well I have you on my RSS feeds as the Following function seems to be a bit haphazard sometimes & was delighted to see your post. I can understand all that you are writing & am so pleased that you are finding some direction for your creative skills. Your photos are a joy to see, the more so because they are the fruits of your enjoyment & happiness. I value my friendship with you & not your cards & so am glad that you'll be continuing to blog for it is a way of keeping in touch despite the miles - besides which He seems to be quite at home with blogs & I'm convinced He's involved in putting bloggers in touch with one another.
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Shazza said...

These are stunning photographs Judy, your sister is indeed very beautiful. I would love to learn to take pcitures like these but as you say it is finding the time. I'm lucky if I blog once a week now. Good luck with all you do x

Deb said...

good luck with your new venture Judy. Your photographs are amazing, hope you have fun with it! I completely understand about the pressures of making cards for a business, tried it myself once a long time ago and never again, takes the pleasure out of it and your hobby should always be a pleasure!
I am doing a little online photography course myself with Kirsty Wiseman at the moment and hope to improve my skills so I will continue to watch your blog with great interest!
take care hun, Debxx

Dena said...

Judy, I am so proud of you for taking hold of what you believe is the right thing for you. God answers prayer and will lead you in the appropriate direction he has for you! Your photos are awesome and I know you will continue to master it!!! Best of luck to you sweetie!

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

How exciting and I'm so pleased to be following your new direction. Your photos are stunning, I hope to learn from you so pass on your hints and tips hehehehe !


Jo xxxx

Debbi Glennie said...

good for you Judy - good luck with your new direction :)

Michelle said...

Well I will miss your cards but I *heart* photography & would love to learn more myself. Unfortunately when my kids started school I had to get a **gasp** JOB so I don't have the time to learn but I will still be reading & hopefully learning & loving it vicariously through you :)

Aileen said...

Hi Judy, Good to "hear" from you again.

A hobby should always be for pleasure and not a chore. Glad you have found a new direction for all that creativity. Your photos are stunning. Watch out though papercrafting could still get to you if you decide to scrapbook them!! Lol

You are one talented lady! x

Neet said...

Fabulous photos, can be enjoyed as much as fabulous cards. Totally understand where you are coming from. Enjoy your new life!
Neet (sticking around)

Kim Dellow said...

I'm glad you have been able to find more time to do the things you need to and enjoy and that it makes you happy. I just LOVE your photography and will continue to be a firm follower - no worries there! It is just wonderful to see creativity in all it's forms and the expression of you through your work :) Kimx


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